We are part of ICS Legal, a legal firm dealing in UK Immigration Law, Nationality, Asylum and European Law. We hope that you would find useful information about our legal services and how we can support you. It is not every day whereby you would be using our services; however as a client we appreciate that whoever you appoint, you must feel that you can trust, as decisions can change peoples lives.

UK Visa

Coming to the UK is an important step and ensuring that you meet the strict immigration rules is vital to all your applications, as a refusal can effect your future applications. The section provides a guide and principle understanding for those who wants to travel to the UK who are passing through or crossing UK border, including United Kingdom passport holders, residents, and short-term visitors.

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Study & Work in UK

There are various categories available to those who want to enter or remain in the UK on a working capacity. Understanding the best route on a long term is vital. You should make sure you read the eligibility requirements in full before you applying as each category has different requirements. You can come to the UK and study as a child, adult or even come to the UK on a short stay.

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Case Management

As a Regulated Legal Firm, we are able to provide support in case management and can also do administrative reviews on PBS.

We are able to do complex applications in some categories which includes applications outside the Immigration Rules and applications under Home Office concessionary or discretionary policies.

British Nationality is another section under our case management work whereby we can do complex cases.

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Our Heritage

ICS Legal was formed to ensure correct UK Immigration advice is provided. Our service expands from simple general visitor visa to family visas to working visas in the UK. We deal with British Nationality and European Law. Our way of doing things help us and our clients to benefit from our service. We do not use past success or cases as a way to sell our service, as we believe all situations are different, hence cases are dealt individually.

We would use good practices and will always talk you through the process, so there are no surprises. Trust is the most important part of our belief as an organisation as we know there are delicate information that our clients would be telling us.

Our Process

ICS Legal provide a range of services to meet their client needs from application process to case management to further representations to the Home Office.

Every clients circumstances are different, so our service is tailored to their needs. We understand that client confidentiality is vital to our client based relationship and rest assure we are here to support you in making the right decision.

Services Available

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Same Day Services

Fast track legal services provided by ICS Legal ensure decisions are made in one day.

Complex Cases

Our Immigration Advisors are equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle your case and provide the correct solution to your problems.

UK Visas

what requirements you must meet to be allowed to enter, or pass through, the United Kingdom, and what you can expect when you travel through the border.

Studying in the UK

the various routes available, made simple by the new point based system. There is also information for those on the old student capacity.

UK Residency

the ways in which you can apply here to stay permanently in the United Kingdom including your rights and responsibilities.

British Citizenship

ICS Legal is able to provide support in initial registration and naturalisation to complex cases where support is required.

European Citizens

European citizens and members of their family can enter, live in and work in the United Kingdom .

Around the Globe

We ICS Legal are always on the move to increase presence to the Global Market.

Partners and Families

how you can come to or remain in the United Kingdom as the partners, children and/or elderly dependent relatives of people who are already in the United Kingdom.

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Home Office listed

Reassuringly we are listed on the Home Office website whereby we have demonstrated a good understanding of the sponsorship arrangements and have provided the Home Office with evidence about the types of checks and services we will make when working with clients. We are able to provide prospective sponsors with a document which assesses their readiness to make a sponsorship application.


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About ICS Legal

ICS Legal is a legal firm providing support regarding UK Immigration. We are regulated by The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), as this is compulsory for all organisations that provide UK immigration advice.

ICS Legal is also a member of Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants who campaigns for justice in Immigration & Asylum Law & Policy since 1967.

Whilst immigration supports the enhancement of a business competitive edge, its compliance is a key importance as non-compliance in reality can be catastrophic not only on monetary penalties but on your brand. Those involved in global mobility which includes both employers and their foreign national employees are subject to immigration compliance and must contend with an intensive and aggressive immigration enforcement environment.